Back To School 2020

It's a new year and a new semester! Stock up for these back-to-school favorites that will be sure to fly off your shelf.
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Back To School 2020
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The Rocker Steamroller is already virtually unspillable. The Rocker Steamroller with Silicone Skin is virtually unbreakable too. The glass Rocker Steamroller is encased in a protective silicone case that keeps the glass safe from minor falls and bumps from any angle. The silicone is open over the distinctive GRAV® logo...
The Updated 9mm Taster Display maintains a small footprint while holding and displaying 55 9mm Tasters. The angle of the display shows off the Tasters so that customers can clearly see the body and the bowl of the piece as well as the GRAV logo. This accessory also makes the...
The 2019 update to our taster display, featuring an acrylic stand that angles out towards customers for an inviting POP add-on option. Comes with the display and 100 9mm tasters.
The GRAV® Smell-Proof Pouch is the perfect accessory for storing everything you need for a great smoke sesh. It comes in gray durable fabric with your choice of brown or black vegan leather accents. The clip on vegan leather wrist loop makes the pouch easy to carry or to attach...
Cali Crusher® Homegrown Pocket 1.85" 4-Piece Hard Top Herb Grinder
Cali Crusher® Homegrown 2.35" 4-Piece Hard Top Herb Grinder
2.35" 4-Piece Cali Crusher Quicklock
1.85" 4-Piece Cali Crusher Pocket Quicklock
Cali Soft Case® Small - 100% Smell Proof w/Combo Lock (9.5"x4"x3.5”)
Cali Soft Case® Large - 100% Smell Proof w/Combo Lock (9"x7"x3.5”)
Cali Pouch® 100% Smell Proof w/Locking Key (6"x6")
Cali Pouch® 100% Smell Proof w/Locking Key (11"x6")
Cali Crusher® 3" 4-Piece Hard Top
Cali Crusher® 2.5" 4-Piece Clear Top
Cali Crusher® 2.5" 4-Piece Hard Top
Cali Crusher® 2" 4-Piece Hard Top
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Cali Crusher® 2" 2-Piece Hard Top
Cali Crusher® 4-Piece Quicklock - Pack of 5
GRAV® Deco Steamrollers - Assorted Colors - Packs of 10
We put a vintage twist on our traditional steamroller to create the GRAV® Deco Steamroller. The distinctive aesthetic is achieved by connecting two tapered ends to a central sphere, creating a shape that is both striking to see and intuitive and comfortable to use. This piece features a round, roomy...
Go on a visual adventure with the GRAV® Land T-shirt. It features a section of our “Find Your Higher Self” pattern which showcases iconic GRAV® pieces as well as different activities and interests a GRAV® enthusiast might enjoy. The vibrant primary colors pop against the heather dust background, and the...
You like to keep things plain and simple, and that's why you love the 9mm GRAV® Clear Taster. It doesn't get more minimalist than the perfect one hitter made on crystal clear glass. These elegant pieces have a bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the other, and the...
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Sometimes you want a Taster with a little more capacity. That's when you reach for the 12mm GRAV® Clear Tasters in a pack of 10 so you'll never run out. These Tasters have a substantial bowl at one end and a mouthpiece at the other, and they come with GRAV®...
The GRAV® Mini Steamroller is perfect if you're on the go but still want a piece that packs a punch. Its discreet shape and small size will fit in a pocket or a pencil case, but it still delivers big steamroller hits. The inverted ash catching mouthpiece and stabilizing glass...
The new GRAV hat is camp-style, comfy, and discreet. The outside is a pale brown canvas with a subtle, leather GRAV logo and an adjustable slide strap. The inner lining features a floral design with prominent cannabis leaves. The GRAV Camp Hat is the perfect accessory for your outdoor smoking...
Everyone loves a little rock and roll. The GRAV® Rocker Steamroller functions like a classic steamroller, with a carb on the end and a direct path for the smoke that ends in big hits. However the lively shape will keep people guessing. Nudge one end and watch the Rocker live...
Zip-up carrying case for the GRAV® Dugout with lanyard clip.
There's a lot of beauty in simplicity. The GRAV® Classic Steamroller is one long uninterrupted tube of gorgeous glass in your choice of 13 different colors. This piece has smart details like stabilizing glass feet and an inverted ash catching mouthpiece, but otherwise it keeps things clean and smooth. Steamrollers...
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