Meet The Team

Alex Strubbe
Position: Director of Sales
Hometown: Round Rock, Texas
Fun Fact: He is a spin instructor and also taught swimming at The University of Texas for 2 years!
Favorite Grav Product: The Extra Large GRAV Beaker
Hidden Talent: He can wall twerk.
Hobbies: He enjoys running town lake with his rescue dog, Gracie. Attends happy hours weekly and enjoys a quick weekend trip out of state.
🍑 🍑

Jenny Salerno
Position: Key Account Manager
Hometown: Long Island New York, baybee
Fun Fact: After 22 years of being vegetarian, she now consumes an average of 2 lbs of bacon a week.
Favorite Grav Product: Rose Gold Dugout
Hidden Talent: “Why would I hide a talent?”
Hobbies: She enjoys biking, hiking, yoga, Munchhausen by proxy, Charles Wysocki puzzles, reading, flat earth, Albert Fish, gaslight, swimming, playing fetch with her dog Indiana Bones, crafting - especially stuffed animals from felt (googly eyes a plus), jogging, and following animal profiles on social media.
💅 💅

Sam Feingold
Position: Senior Account Manager
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Fun Fact: He’s the proud co-founder of a backyard wrestling league
Favorite Grav Product: Small Wide Base Water Pipe
Hidden Talent: He participates in (and dominates) competitive eating.
Hobbies: He enjoys record collecting, music making, cooking, and hikes.
💪 💪

Leidy Lozano-Lopez
Position: Senior Account Manager
Hometown: Cali, Colombia
Fun Fact: She loves whiskey, which she thinks is pretty fun.
Favorite Grav Product: Medium Black Accent Beaker Base Water Pipe
Hidden Talent: She’s a great dancer. She loves dancing Salsa but she’ll dance to any type of music. She’s also a good artist! She’s never taken art classes but she’s got skills with charcoal, painting, and watercolors.
Hobbies: She enjoys cannabis and good food, as well as walking her dog, swimming, watching The Office, finding new music, and traveling.
🍹 🍹

Kevin Nishimoto
Position: Account Manager
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Fun Fact: He attends A LOT of concerts. After all, Austin is the live music capital of the world!
Favorite Grav Product: Small Black Round Base Water Pipe
Hidden Talent: He knows every Jay-Z song by heart.
Hobbies: He enjoys music (if you couldn’t tell by now), travel, living life to the fullest, and basketball.
🎤 🎤

Ryan Bell
Position: Account Manager
Hometown: Conroe, Texas
Fun Fact: He once rode freight trains from San Marcos to College Station and back. (That’s 121 miles each way!)
Favorite Grav Product: Mini Beaker
Hidden Talent: He can multi-finger snap.
Hobbies: True to his Texas roots he enjoys back-country hiking and camping as well as road tripping.
🚂 🚂

Julia Welch
Position: Claims and Customer Service
Hometown: Tyler, TX
Fun Fact: She loves animals, and has hand fed hundreds (if not thousands) of baby birds!
Favorite Grav Product: Mini Beaker
Hidden Talent: She can sing pretty well which is not so hidden because she sings out loud all the time.
Hobbies: She likes karaoke, reading books, watching movies, puzzles and coloring, snuggling her pups, and listening to and watching the most horrible true crime she can find.
🐉 🐉

Ashley Jackson
Position: Customer Service Representative
Hometown: Arkansas City, Kansas
Fun Fact: I've been working as an actress in TV and film for the last 10 years
Favorite Grav Product: Gandalf Pipe
Hidden Talent: I sing but never in front of people lol
Hobbies: dance, practice yoga, tarot card reading
🤓 🤓

Malcom Snead
Position: Account Manager
Hometown: Cleveland “The Land”
Fun Fact: He's lived in 8 different states!
Favorite Grav Product: Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler
Hidden Talent: Sudoku Master
Hobbies: Basketball and Lifting
😈 😈