Glass Joints

Glass Joints
The simplicity of the classic joint meets the clean burn of glass in this three-piece system. A silicone grommet connects the borosilicate cartridge to the mouthpiece for a tight seal that keeps flower secure. Smokers taste pure cannabis—no paper or glue with questionable ingredients. These fillable glass joints are designed...
A point of purchase acrylic display that showcases a complete glass joint and mouthpiece, with a slot for shareable info cards.
The perfect party favor doesn’t exi- Well, maybe it does.  This pack of 56 glass joints is a party in a box. Each fillable cartridge comes with caps on both ends. So they can be filled up with flower and set aside until it’s time to smoke. Hosts can toss...
Easily fill all 7 GRAV® glass joints in one go with this funnel and tamper. Made from ABS food-grade plastic, the funnel will let you fill your joints with no mess. Line up the funnel’s holes with each joint, and pour in your flower. Gently press the flower down with...
Self-standing cardstock poster for the glass joint product line.
Consumer-facing information about the glass joint system. Pack of 50 cards.
Joints on-the-go are best when shared with friends. Extra mouthpieces from GRAV® make it easy for the whole group to sample a bit of everything. These mouthpieces are made from borosilicate glass for the cleanest hits. The silicone grommet creates an airtight seal between the mouthpiece and the joint so...
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