Our Values


GRAV builds experiences and the best ways to experience the pleasure and power of cannabis.



GRAV wants to inspire the sensible use of cannabis by every responsible person for every practical purpose.



Be Curious

Look for clues to a more interesting world. GRAV is built and rebuilt by imagination. We’ve learned a great deal from our work and our growth, and we want to share what we know with our community. Look to GRAV for guidance and expertise, and never hesitate to share your questions or discoveries with us.


Band Together

GRAV wants to better understand and stand beside more of you, the community of smokers and advocates nationwide who support our way of life. We are deeply invested in the well being of our colleagues, our customers, and the city we love.


Find Joy In Your Work

To have Gravitude is to be grateful and optimistic. Celebrate your victories and look for meaning in your missteps. Have patience with yourself and others, and never be afraid to lend a hand or try something new. GRAV is full of kind, talented, fascinating individuals who don’t see a division between passion and work. We hope everyone who uses our products shares a measure of that Gravitude with us.