GRAV® Bubble Carb Cap

GRAV® Bubble Carb Cap


GRAV® Bubble Carb Cap

The GRAV® Bubble Carb Cap combines ergonomic design with functionality. The hourglass hollow handle and carb hole provide controlled airflow, while the semi-spherical bubble base ensures precise gimble control. This universal fit works with all quartz setups, directing airflow to maximize contact surface area between concentrates and the heated quartz. The flat top design prevents rolling and keeps your setup clean.


  • Ergonomic Grip Handle

  • Universal Fitting for Buckets, Bangers, and All Quartz

  • Precise Gimble Control

  • Flat Top for Stability on Surfaces


Bulk Wholesale Ordering

material Quartz
height IN mm 47
length IN mm 30
width IN mm 30
use with Concentrate
designed by Micah Evans