GRAV® DGK® Made to Survive Milk Carton
GRAV® DGK® Made to Survive Milk Carton

GRAV® DGK® Made to Survive Milk Carton


GRAV X DGK Milk Carton Bubbler

The GRAV x DGK Milk Carton Bubbler is a testament to those who've hustled from the bottom to the top. Designed in collaboration between two subculture icons, this piece shouts DGK’s mantra loud and clear: Worldwide Made to Survive.

It’s not just a bubbler; it’s a nod to all who flip the script daily. This cafeteria throwback boasts top-shelf diffusing power for smooth, splash-free hits. With its slick smoke-gray borosilicate and a bold orange bowl, this bubbler will be the centerpiece for chilling after a skate session or just kicking back.

About DGK: DGK (aka Dirty Ghetto Kids) was founded in 2002 by pro skater Stevie Williams. Their mission? To design streetwear and skateboards for “Those Who Come From Nothing.” DGK’s authenticity and legendary rise has made them leaders in the streetwear scene for over 20 years.


     • Limited edition GRAV x DGK collaboration
     • Height: 4in
     • 14mm female joint
     • Comes with a GRAV® 14mm Cup Bowl
     • Add a GRAV® 14mm 45° Male Banger to turn it into a dab rig
     • Fixed fission downstem to prevent breakage

Bulk Wholesale Ordering

material Borosilicate
height IN mm 100
length IN mm 130
width IN mm 70
joint 14mm Female
use with Flower
designed by Micah Evans