GRAV® Fill-Your-Own Glass Joints 56 Party Pack

GRAV® Fill-Your-Own Glass Joints 56 Party Pack


The perfect party favor doesn’t exi-

Well, maybe it does. 

This pack of 56 glass joints is a party in a box. Each fillable cartridge comes with caps on both ends. So they can be filled up with flower and set aside until it’s time to smoke. Hosts can toss them in a bowl for a serve-yourself cannabis party. Or they can fill each cartridge with a different strain for a group tasting sesh.

 - Each glass joint holds 0.5 grams of flower

- Box contains 56 double-capped glass joints. When packed, 56 joints will hold 1 ounce of flower.

- Mouthpieces and pop-tube not included.

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material Borosilicate
use with Flower
designed by David Daily