GRAV® Fill-Your-Own Glass Joints 7-Pack, Case of 12

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The simplicity of the classic joint meets the clean burn of glass in this three-piece system. A silicone grommet connects the borosilicate cartridge to the mouthpiece for a tight seal that keeps flower secure. Smokers taste pure cannabis—no paper or glue with questionable ingredients.

These fillable glass joints are designed to last. But their low price point makes them easy to replace when accidents happen. Smokers can fill a single joint for an afternoon hike, or prep all 7 for a weekend getaway. These joints are designed for travel.

- Each glass joint holds 0.5 grams of flower

- When all 7 joints are filled, they will hold approximately 1/8th of an ounce of flower.

7-Packs are sold in cases of 12.



  • 7 double-capped glass cartridges 

  • 1 glass mouthpiece with silicone grommet

  • Plastic carrying tube