A fashionable and foldable fan with a black side featuring the repeated GRAV logo and a vibrant gradient from green to orange with the “Find your higher self” phrase on the reverse.
GRAV® Folding Hand Fan

GRAV® Folding Hand Fan


GRAV® Folding Fan

Catch a breeze with the GRAV® Trippy Gradient Folding Fan. This fan is a functional piece of art, perfect for those warmer sessions or just as a fashion statement. On one side, it’s a sleek, stealthy black canvas boasting the repeated GRAV logo. Flip it over to reveal a gradient that fades from verdant green to a fiery orange with the phrase “Find your higher self” in an eye-catching, psychedelic font. 


- Design: Double-sided with a bold GRAV logo pattern and a green-to-orange gradient on the other.

- Color: Contrasting black side for a minimalistic look with a vibrant reverse for when you feel more expressive.

- Function: Whips up a cooling breeze with a simple wrist flick.

- Portable: Folds smoothly, slipping quickly into a bag or pocket for on-the-go use.

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