The GRAV® Light Up LED Display Stand in sophisticated black with three tiers, glowing under white LED lights, is designed for retailers looking to enhance their store's product presentation.
GRAV® Light Up Display Stand

GRAV® Light Up Display Stand


GRAV® Light Up Display Stand

Transform your shop's showcasing with the GRAV® Light Up Display Stand, an impeccable retailer choice. This stand is robust and sleek, designed with 3mm thick, high-quality acrylic, ensuring your displayed products are secure and visually striking. 

Your merchandise will be elegantly highlighted with three illuminated shelves featuring white LED lights. The included plug adapter and remote make operation a breeze, so you can effortlessly switch up the ambiance. Topped off with the iconic GRAV logo elevates the presentation of GRAV pipes.


- Material: Durable 3mm thick acrylic for a clear, sturdy display solution.

- Size: 15.75 x 7.5 x 29.75 inches.

- Three LED-lit shelves.

- Accessories: Comes complete with a plug adapter and remote for hassle-free lighting control.

- Features the GRAV logo.

Bulk Wholesale Ordering

height IN mm 756
length IN mm 194
width IN mm 400