GRAV 2023 Logo Poster with plant silhouette
GRAV® Logo Poster
GRAV® Logo Poster

GRAV® Logo Poster


GRAV 2023 Logo Poster 18" x 24"

Adorn your space with the GRAV® 2023 Logo Poster. This eye-catching black poster features the iconic GRAV logo in the center, surrounded by intricate silhouettes of cannabis leaves and colas. With our catchphrase, "Find your higher self" below the logo, this poster is a perfect addition to any smoking shop. Embrace your love for all things GRAV and weed, and let this poster serve as a daily reminder to stay lifted.

  • Size: 18" x 24"
  • Poster Material: High-quality paper
  • Design: Black background with GRAV logo, cannabis leaf, and cola silhouettes
  • Motto: "Find your higher self"

Bulk Wholesale Ordering

length IN mm 609.6
width IN mm 457.2
designed by Jose Ortiz