Oracle Bong From Grav Bong/Rig Hybrid
GRAV® Oracle Water Pipe
GRAV® Oracle Water Pipe
GRAV® Oracle Water Pipe

GRAV® Oracle Water Pipe

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The Oracle Water Pipe - Short, Sleek, and Royally Elegant

The Oracle Bong is the smaller version of the Empress geared towards dabbing. This piece's short and elegant design exudes sophistication while delivering an exceptional smoking experience. 

Crafted with a curved body and a grippy middle section, the Oracle features a built-in downstem leading to a multi-slotted mushroom perc, ensuring each hit is smooth. The Oracle shows its unique charm with a different type of percolator and a thoughtfully designed bowl, perfect for holding bangers and converting them into a dab rig.


  • Height: 7.5 inches
  • Base width: 4 inches
  • 14 mm bowl included
  • Curved body for ergonomic grip
  • Built-in downstem for easy use
  • 8-slotted mushroom perc for enhanced filtration
  • Suitable for use as a bong or a dab rig

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material Borosilicate
height IN mm 193
length IN mm 140
width IN mm 101.6
joint 14mm Female
use with Flower & Concentrate
designed by Micah Evans