A phone grip pop-socket with the GRAV logo.
GRAV® Phone Grip

GRAV® Phone Grip


GRAV Logo Phone Grip

Description: Make your doom-scrolling a little easier with the GRAV Logo Phone Grip. This sleek and functional pop socket-style grip attaches easily to the back of your phone, providing a secure grip and added convenience.

Available in black and white, this phone grip features the iconic GRAV logo, showcasing your love for all things GRAV. Whether texting, scrolling, or taking selfies, the GRAV Logo Phone Grip ensures a comfortable and secure hold on your device.

  • Design: Pop socket-style phone grip
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most phones and phone cases
  • Colors: Available in black and white
  • Logo: Features the iconic GRAV logo

Bulk Wholesale Ordering

height IN mm 23.00
length IN mm 40.00
width IN mm 40.00
use with Phones