GRAV® Silicone Ashtray

GRAV® Silicone Ashtray


GRAV Logo Silicone Ashtray

The GRAV Logo Silicone Ashtray is a chunky puck of an ashtray that is designed with four slots specifically made to hold your blunts or joints. Made from heat and damage-resistant silicone, this ashtray is built to last, efficiently handling even the hottest ashes. With the GRAV logo proudly displayed, this ashtray is practical and adds a touch of style to your smoking setup.

  • Material: Silicone
  • Smoke slots: 4
  • Damage and heat resistant
  • GRAV logo

Bulk Wholesale Ordering

height IN mm 10.00
length IN mm 32.00
width IN mm 32.00