A small, sleek borosilicate glass beaker bong. It stands at 6.7 inches tall and has a base width of 3.9 inches for stable use. From GRAV.
GRAV® Small Deco Beaker Bong

GRAV® Small Deco Beaker Bong

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Small All-Glass Deco Beaker Bong

Looking for a top-quality bong that delivers an authentic and straightforward smoking experience?
Check out the Small All-Glass Deco Beaker Bong. Compact, unpretentious, and with impressive functionality, this bong takes you back to basics with a high-quality borosilicate glass structure.
It's a solid piece, standing tough for those big hits and offering an experience ideal for the person who appreciates a straightforward smoke sesh.

- Height: 6.7 in
- Base Width: 3.9 in
- Bowl: 10mm
- Downstem: Removable 4.45 in
- Use: Primarily intended for dry herb enjoyment; adaptable for dabs with your banger attachment.

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material Borosilicate
height IN mm 170
length IN mm 105
width IN mm 100
joint 10mm Female
use with Flower
designed by Micah Evans