GRAV® Spinner Carb Cap
GRAV® Spinner Carb Cap

GRAV® Spinner Carb Cap


 GRAV® Spinner Carb Cap

The GRAV® Spinner Carb Cap combines function and purpose to add a smooth spin to your dab sessions. This puck-shaped cap features a GRAV logo on top and a three-fanned propeller relief on the reverse, creating three separate channels of directional airflow. When placed on a bucket-style quartz banger, these channels catch inserts like pearls and pillars, spinning them around the inner walls for effective vaporization.


  • Triple Channel Directional Airflow

  • Puck-Shaped Design

  • GRAV Logo Impressed on Top

  • Compatible with Bucket-Style Quartz Bangers


Bulk Wholesale Ordering

material Quartz
height IN mm 47
length IN mm 30
width IN mm 30
use with Concentrate
designed by Micah Evans