Peach-colored t-shirt featuring a unique pocket illustration GRAV logo on the front and a vintage collage-style back design with a GRAV bong and a "Find your higher self" phrase.
GRAV® Static Visionary T-shirt

GRAV® Static Visionary T-shirt

GRAV® Static Visionary T-Shirt

Kick back and channel into comfort with the GRAV® Static Visionary T-Shirt. Donning this peach-hued number feels like a cozy shirt you've had for years. Up front, you'll find a pocket illustration of a quirky remote buzzing with an electric GRAV logo. Spin it around, and you're in for a visual treat: a collage-style vintage TV scene breaking the static barrier. 

A hand bursts through the screen, gripping a sleek GRAV bong, while the thought bubble reminds you to "Find your higher self." 


- Color: A soothing peach that goes with just about anything.

- Material: Soft, breathable fabric perfect for chilling out or out and about.

- Fit: Designed for a relaxed vibe and a comfortable fit.

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