GRAV® Smell-Proof Pouch
GRAV® Smell-Proof Pouch

GRAV® Smell-Proof Pouch


The GRAV® Smell-Proof Pouch is the perfect accessory for storing everything you need for a great smoke sesh. It comes in gray durable fabric with your choice of brown or black vegan leather accents. The clip on vegan leather wrist loop makes the pouch easy to carry or to attach to a larger bag. The bag is held closed by strong velcro as well as a rubber lined zipper that keeps smells locked inside. The inside has two roomy mesh pockets with enough space for your stash as well as a lighter, a hand pipe, and even a snack. The inside of the pouch also has 100% carbon lining, making the smell-proof security even stronger. The GRAV® Smell-Proof Pouch is a must-have for any on the go smoking adventure.


Dimensions:  7"x 6"

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material Polyester/Carbon Fiber
height IN mm 25
length IN mm 203
width IN mm 152
use with Flower & Concentrate
designed by GRAV