The Large All-Glass Deco Beaker Bong is an impressive 11.8 inches in height and has a sturdy 6.3-inch base. From GRAV.
GRAV® Large Deco Beaker Bong

GRAV® Large Deco Beaker Bong

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Large All-Glass Deco Beaker Bong

Say hello to the king of smooth rips—the large all-glass deco beaker bong. With its towering presence and expanded base, it's tailored for those who don't just smoke; they blaze.
Crafted from top-tier borosilicate glass, this beaker bong balances sturdiness with a clean aesthetic, ensuring every session is as visually pleasing as it is satisfying. So go ahead and invite the crew over; this bong is made for sharing.

- Height: 11.8 in
- Base Width: 6.3 in
- Funnel Bowl: 14mm
- Downstem: Removable 7.09 in
- Intended Use: Big ol' bong rips

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material Borosilicate
height IN mm 300
length IN mm 170
width IN mm 160
joint 14mm Female
use with Flower
designed by Micah Evans